Lets Step Up The Democratic Campaign

Join us Saturday July 26, 2014 10am-1pm or 1pm-4pm at 1217 E. Brady to make a lit canvas on the east side. Call Dale 414-690-0311 or Bonnie 414-899-8968 .  Try to notify them so as to have enough walk sheets.  There is also phone banking Monday thru Friday 10am-6pm downtown call Darrol 414-418-9147.


July Meeting next Wednesday July 30

We moved the Grassroots Southshore monthly meeting form the 4th Wednesday to the 5th Wednesday July 30, 2014 . It will be at Cudahy Library.  Also we will be canvasing for Voter Registrarion On Brady Street this Saturday morning I’ll have more info on the canvas and will Post it later today .

Important Primaries are approaching quickley!

Join other grassroots members phonebanking downtown for the Democratic party. The Coordinated State Democratic Party has a new headquarters in downtown Milwaukee 823 N. 2nd St. Please join us this Wednesday night July 9, 2014 from 5pm-8pm as we are staging a phone bank to recruit canvassers to support Mary Burke and Chris Moews in the upcoming primary and midterm elections. To the fullest extent possible we are going to combine lit drops for all Democratic candidates. The state party will provide us lists of democratic voters who tend to avoid voting in midterm elections and we will challenge them to turnout for our very deserving candidates. The primary is fast approaching and now is the time to recharge and activate the Obama coalition. Wednesday would be a great opportunity to check out the newly opened campaign headquarters. For additional information please contact Dale Nook cell text 414-690-0311 or dwnook@aol.com or Bonnie McKendry 414.899.8968 or rebelchick@wi.rr.com. Hope to see you there. If you cannot make this phone bank, we are hosting another one at the same time and location on Wednesday July 16. Hope to see you there!

March in a Fourth of July Parade with Your Favorite Elected Official !

Chris Sinicki and Jon Richards have asked for volunteers to march with them in Friday’s Fourth of July Parades. Jon Richards needs help in particular for the Cudahy Parade and Chris Sinicki is more concerned with the Humbodlt Park Parade. I have not heard from Chris Larson, but I assume he will be marching in both parades.

The lineup for the Humbodlt Park Parade is on KK and Linus arrive between 8:15 am and 8:45 am. For Cudahy Parade the line up is at Hately and Grange. The time to arrive is 11:15 am to 11:45 am.

Both candidates would appreciate our support.

There will be a phone bank to recruit for a primary election canvass on July 26, 2014. The phone bank will be at 5:30 pm on 823 N. Second St. the lower level on Wednesday July 9, 2014. Bonnie McKendry is taking the lead to work on the lower East side since she will be moving there soon.

Our next regular Grass Roots at South Shore meeting will be July 30, 2014, 6pm at our regular place the Cudahy Family Library. It would be great to encourage everyone to attend as we continue to prepare for the primary and midterm elections.

For any questions or background information please contact Dale Nook cell text 414-690-0411
or at dwnook @ aol.com.

A Call Back To Action

We’ll be meeting again this Wednesday June 18th at 6 pm in the Cudahy Library just off of Packard Avenue in downtown Cudahy. On the agenda will be voter registration, poll worker training for early voting and any other issue you may be interested in. Election season is warming up will August 12th Primaries in the 19th Assembly District and Moews vs. Clark for Sheriff .

State Power-Grab for Milwaukee County

Inside The Court

Inside The Court


MADISON, WI – 4/24/2013

4/11/2013, revised 4/24/2013

Good afternoon, Madame Chair, Ladies and gentlemen.

Move to Amend of S.E.WI is completely against state bill AB 95, because we believe in democracy.

We feel you are having the so-called hearing about the bill in Madison, not Milwaukee, because you DON’T want to hear us. It is at significant sacrifice to us to come 90 miles to testify, on a workday, with high gas prices, and I hope you will all listen carefully.

We only need 2-3 more senatorial votes to defeat this bill, and it is written with ALL WI counties in mind, so is relevant to everyone in this State.

This bill has had no input from MilwaukeeCounty constituents or the Milwaukee County Board, and was not started by us. Instead it was written with the help of corporate power-brokers (The Greater Milwaukee Committee {GMC}) and our County Executive Chris Abele, who, being a billionaire, has no compassion for the people, and no concept of how we get by.

Furthermore, the current CountyExecutive disdains direct democracy, recently calling a referendum “about as meaningful as a Facebook poll”, and “too expensive” (Move to Amend referendum, fall, 2012). He disdained a referendum when it was going to tell him what his constituency thought of excessive corporate power, but now that a referendum will serve his ends, all of the sudden a referendum is not too expensive and a good thing, and he is supporting one. One that gives him a bigger staff and more dictatorial powers while cutting the representation of We the People in half.

This is unprincipled behavior.

Those few individuals who wrote the bill do not care about Milwaukee constituents, but do care about their pocketbooks and selling Milwaukee property to their own boys club. That is why they have one individual, the CountyExecutive, with no oversight or democratic checks & balances, in charge of  all sales, leases, and their terms of Milwaukee County Property, like our parks and our airport.

You say it saves money by cutting the Board’s budget, but does adding unlimited staff for the CountyExecutive save money? NO. But that’s in this bill, too. So what are you doing?

Clearly there is a smokescreen about salaries and benefits for supervisors. but what the bill is really about is paving the way to privatize Milwaukee’s public properties. MY public properties, as I am part of the public.

If you vote for this bill, you do not believe in our U.S. Constitution, in government by the people, of the people, and for the people. It is un-American.

The same goes for the operation of Milwaukee Harbor facilities (p.18, sec. 25, line 16 – AB 85), a multimillion dollar facility, and work programs for those on “relief” (W2) and those who are severely handicapped, and of the whole relief program itself ( p.15-16). Ask yourself why any one person would want to micromanage such big operations, when he has the whole County to run, and if any one person would really be capable of that,

or if he might subcontract it, without anyone else’s comments or input, to a friend or business partner.

   The real purpose of the bill is dictatorship by the CountyExecutive of Milwaukee.

We, at this point at least, do not live in system like China’s, so these are unacceptable practices in the United   States of America. These are basic principles of democracy and we abhor your defiance, or ignorance, of them.

Is that clear enough to show you this is an un-American, anti-democratic bill with none of our input and should be sacked?

This bill has nothing to do with We the People who rule, and everything to do with oligarchy and regressing to dictatorship. We do not wish the CountyExecutive to be King of the County. Move to Amend wholeheartedly rejects this bill, and demands our representatives to represent US, not the oligarchy.

This especially includes my Senator, Lena Taylor, who has told us that she has more loyalty to other Senators on the other side of the aisle, than to her own constituency. Shame on you, Lena Taylor, for this, for voting for the Castle Doctrine, and for being for “concealed carry”.

SB95 aims to decimate  MilwaukeeCountyMilwaukeeCounty in preparation for the Sate to take it oveer, after causing it to fail. It is a copy-cat bullying technique like that used in BentonHarbor, then Detroit, by Governor Snyder of Michigan.

MilwaukeeCounty may need reform, but this reform is wrong.

The referendum SB95 proposes does not allow us to vote on the anti-American transfer of powers to the CountyExecutive. It is untruthful, and allows us no say a major change in our government.

Scrap SB95. We of MilwaukeeCounty do not want it and never asked for it.

Mary C. Laan

Chair, Move to Amend of S.E. WI

3302 No. Bremen Street

Milwaukee, WI  53212-1730


414 231 3965 H

414 491 3871 C