State Power-Grab for Milwaukee County

Inside The Court

Inside The Court


MADISON, WI – 4/24/2013

4/11/2013, revised 4/24/2013

Good afternoon, Madame Chair, Ladies and gentlemen.

Move to Amend of S.E.WI is completely against state bill AB 95, because we believe in democracy.

We feel you are having the so-called hearing about the bill in Madison, not Milwaukee, because you DON’T want to hear us. It is at significant sacrifice to us to come 90 miles to testify, on a workday, with high gas prices, and I hope you will all listen carefully.

We only need 2-3 more senatorial votes to defeat this bill, and it is written with ALL WI counties in mind, so is relevant to everyone in this State.

This bill has had no input from MilwaukeeCounty constituents or the Milwaukee County Board, and was not started by us. Instead it was written with the help of corporate power-brokers (The Greater Milwaukee Committee {GMC}) and our County Executive Chris Abele, who, being a billionaire, has no compassion for the people, and no concept of how we get by.

Furthermore, the current CountyExecutive disdains direct democracy, recently calling a referendum “about as meaningful as a Facebook poll”, and “too expensive” (Move to Amend referendum, fall, 2012). He disdained a referendum when it was going to tell him what his constituency thought of excessive corporate power, but now that a referendum will serve his ends, all of the sudden a referendum is not too expensive and a good thing, and he is supporting one. One that gives him a bigger staff and more dictatorial powers while cutting the representation of We the People in half.

This is unprincipled behavior.

Those few individuals who wrote the bill do not care about Milwaukee constituents, but do care about their pocketbooks and selling Milwaukee property to their own boys club. That is why they have one individual, the CountyExecutive, with no oversight or democratic checks & balances, in charge of  all sales, leases, and their terms of Milwaukee County Property, like our parks and our airport.

You say it saves money by cutting the Board’s budget, but does adding unlimited staff for the CountyExecutive save money? NO. But that’s in this bill, too. So what are you doing?

Clearly there is a smokescreen about salaries and benefits for supervisors. but what the bill is really about is paving the way to privatize Milwaukee’s public properties. MY public properties, as I am part of the public.

If you vote for this bill, you do not believe in our U.S. Constitution, in government by the people, of the people, and for the people. It is un-American.

The same goes for the operation of Milwaukee Harbor facilities (p.18, sec. 25, line 16 – AB 85), a multimillion dollar facility, and work programs for those on “relief” (W2) and those who are severely handicapped, and of the whole relief program itself ( p.15-16). Ask yourself why any one person would want to micromanage such big operations, when he has the whole County to run, and if any one person would really be capable of that,

or if he might subcontract it, without anyone else’s comments or input, to a friend or business partner.

   The real purpose of the bill is dictatorship by the CountyExecutive of Milwaukee.

We, at this point at least, do not live in system like China’s, so these are unacceptable practices in the United   States of America. These are basic principles of democracy and we abhor your defiance, or ignorance, of them.

Is that clear enough to show you this is an un-American, anti-democratic bill with none of our input and should be sacked?

This bill has nothing to do with We the People who rule, and everything to do with oligarchy and regressing to dictatorship. We do not wish the CountyExecutive to be King of the County. Move to Amend wholeheartedly rejects this bill, and demands our representatives to represent US, not the oligarchy.

This especially includes my Senator, Lena Taylor, who has told us that she has more loyalty to other Senators on the other side of the aisle, than to her own constituency. Shame on you, Lena Taylor, for this, for voting for the Castle Doctrine, and for being for “concealed carry”.

SB95 aims to decimate  MilwaukeeCountyMilwaukeeCounty in preparation for the Sate to take it oveer, after causing it to fail. It is a copy-cat bullying technique like that used in BentonHarbor, then Detroit, by Governor Snyder of Michigan.

MilwaukeeCounty may need reform, but this reform is wrong.

The referendum SB95 proposes does not allow us to vote on the anti-American transfer of powers to the CountyExecutive. It is untruthful, and allows us no say a major change in our government.

Scrap SB95. We of MilwaukeeCounty do not want it and never asked for it.

Mary C. Laan

Chair, Move to Amend of S.E. WI

3302 No. Bremen Street

Milwaukee, WI  53212-1730

414 231 3965 H

414 491 3871 C

Upcoming Meeting a Don’t Miss!!

The next Grass Roots @ South Shore meeting is this upcoming Wednesday, April 24, at 6:00 pm. Discussions will center on how to launch a referendum, run by Mary Laan and Jim Ito. We will also be dicussing the next steps in gun background checks.

Be sure to come early and enjoy the debate!! We look forward to seeing you there!

A Need For Your Help!

President Clinton signs the Brady Bill

President Clinton signs the Brady Bill (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been publishing articles of interest to the Grass Roots @ South Shore group, as well as informational postings for meeting times, agendas, and more. One of my postings was about the fact that we are working with the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort (WAVE). This group is attempting to get enough signatures on petitions to support President Obama’s agenda on Gun Control.

Because it has been a busy electoral season, I know some people have forgotten to sign the petitions, or forgotten to follow through on the links. It is my greatest wish to get 50 signatures on the following three petitions so that I might print and send them to Senator Ron Johnson. I know our Democratic Senators and Congresspersons already support this agenda.

Here are the links:

Universal Background Checks

Ban Assault Style Weapons

Tougher Penalties for Gun Traffickers

After you have signed any or ALL THREE of these I would ask you to email this to your friends and relatives who support this agenda as well. The more voices heard, the more power in the wind!

I definitely look forward to your help and participation!

Fran Ohzourk

Take A Stand!

Mass Shooter's Weaponry

Mass Shooter’s Weaponry

The attack on students in an elementary school in Newton, Conn. made the country stop and take notice of a long-term problem. There are too many guns in the hands of too many criminals. Like so many long-term issues, this one has been addressed with short-term fixes, small attempts at regulations, and a lot of talk. Oh yes, America is excellent at detailing and airing her problems, while being really reluctant to take strong steps toward corrections.

The Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort, known by the acronym WAVE, is one of the local organizations attempting to rectify the gun problem. They are supporting President Obama’s call for universal background checks with no exceptions, a reduction in the number of bullets in a high-capacity magazine, a reduction in the sale of assault weapons, and tough penalties for gun traffickers. Grass Roots @ South Shore is pleased to be supporting WAVE in this effort, and there are petitions to this effect in circulation.

In order that people sign on with those portions of gun control that they agree with, and to avoid having an all or nothing attitude, these petitions are now available to you in single option online signing. We also have paper petitions that address all 4 stances. I am asking that you join me in signing these petitions as soon as possible so that we can send them on to the proper legislators as quickly as possible.

1. You can sign here for universal background checks.  Universal Background Checks!

2. Signing for tougher penalties for gun traffickers here: Gun Traffickers Penalties! 

3. Banning high-capacity magazines and reducing the availability of assault weapons here: Ban High Capacity Clips, Assault Weapons

By signing these petitions, you will be assuring yourself that your voice is being sent to your legislature and your representatives. This will encourage them to support the President and ensure that proper steps are taken for laws to be created and passed.

New Candidates For Cudahy!

Come add your support to our two new candidates for Alderman in Cudahy’s First and Third District!

This is Kevin

This is Kevin

First we start with Cudahy’s first, where Mr. Kevin Fech is running. Mr. Fech has been local for more than 20 years. He has 3 children in the Cudahy School system, 2 in High School next year, and one at Lincoln. He has been active and visible in the community, coaching at Cudahy and St. Francis Little Baseball Association, attending PTA, a member of the Nativity of the Lord Church, a member of the Neighborhood Crime Watch, attended the Citizen’s Police Academy, participating in National Night Out, and is a local blogger. He has been a very vocal advocate on disability issues.

Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities Vice Chair
Governor Appointed 2009 Doyle
Governor Reappointed 2011 Walker
Wisconsin Partners in Policymaking

Kevin Fech for Alderman

Kevin Fech for Alderman


Economic Development

For too long now, there has been a lack of economic development in our community.  I have seen development in other communities, there is no reason that there can’t be development in Cudahy.  I am open to just about any development that can grow our tax base.

Absentee Landlords

We need to engage all of the landlords in our community and hold them accountable for their properties.

Strengthening Relationships

We need to continue to strengthen our relationships with the entire stakeholder’s who are an asset to Cudahy.  From residents, to businesses, schools all City departments in Cudahy as well as the surrounding communities along the Southshore. Included are the relationships at the County, State and Federal level. Relationships that I have built through my advocacy efforts and will tap into for the benefit of all of the citizens of Cudahy.

Our next candidate is for Cudahy Alderman of the Third District. Zachary Wisniewski, author of the local blog “Blogging Blue” , which has garnered statewide attention with his blog. Here are some more facts that make us want to support Zach!

This is Zach

This is Zach

Born and raised on the south side of Milwaukee County

  • Graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater with a degree in Social Work
  • Currently employed as a Probation & Parole Agent for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections supervising sex offenders released onto community supervision
  • Married to Patti, with stepdaughter Alexis and our son Nicholas

His Three Main Points are as follows!


Cudahy needs leaders who will focus on growing our community’s tax base and creating jobs in our community. If elected, I’ll work hard to both promote Cudahy as a great place to do business and to bring new businesses to our community.

Any serious effort to bring new businesses to Cudahy is going to require an “all hands on deck” approach that will involve more than just Cudahy’s elected officials and community leaders. If elected, I will to reach out to elected officials in other municipalities, as well as state and county elected officials, to build relationships that foster collaboration.

If elected, I’ll never forget that my job is to represent the citizens of the third aldermanic district. I’ll always welcome your input and opinions, and you’ll always know how to contact me if you have a concern or a problem you need resolved.

It might also be good to mention I’ve been endorsed by State Rep. Christine Sinicki, County Supervisor Jason Haas, and State Sen. Minority Leader Chris Larson.

January Meeting Has Big Agenda!

The mouth of the Bad River (center) at Lake Su...

The mouth of the Bad River (center) at Lake Superior in the Bad River Indian Reservation in Ashland County, Wisconsin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Grass Roots @ South Shore will be meeting at 6pm at the Cudahy Public Library. The agenda is a report from the election commission meeting from Jim Balk, a report on the inauguration from Donna Metzger,  and we have invited two people running for local office. We are also introducing the arm of the Milwaukee Wave interested in our assistance in passing meaningful gun legislation. Our final discussion will be how to help the Bad River Indian Tribe preserve it’s lands and waterways.
The Bad River Indian Reservation is going to be deeply affected by the strip mine planned, and Democrats are needed for a letter writing, phone calling, email pushing push back to save their waterways and natural habitats
Thanks to all participating this month. Take Care and See You Wednesday!
Fran Ohzourk